About Us.

QTbox is more than just a subscription box, it’s a time machine! QTbox can transform the way anyone uses time.

Each month unique items are chosen by Question Thinkers (people who ask questions that they want and need to) and sent to you. Each item you receive can help you utilise your time better allowing you the time to do the amazing things in life.

 QTbox. - The Mindful Life Hacks Box

It is just that. We will send you a collection of items each month all chosen to make you question. These items will help you hack the little parts of life - giving you more time and space to think of YOU.

 ‘Time is a gift that most of us take for granted.’

We at QT know that time is precious. We wanted to use our time better ourselves. So turned statements like ‘I never have enough time’ into questions like ‘why is it that I never have time?’

We realised that we needed more time, time to make space for the amazing!

With that QTbox was born!