How's about a box full of extremely helpful items at a fraction of their price?

Introduce QTbox - The Mindful Life Hacks Box...

The Box.

Meet our box. This uniquely designed sustainably sourced box is what you receive all your life hacks in. You can buy this as an individual box or subscribe to receive your package every quarter (every 3 months). Subscribing guarantees you no.1 get it before we sell out and no.2 you get it as soon as its released.

What's Inside.

All the items we source have life hacking sustainability and reusability in their essence. Each item saves you time and makes life that little bit easier in a very new unique way. You can select between receiving 2 items (Premium QTbox) or 4 items (Premium Plus QTbox) from the 'Buy and Subscribe' page. Check out our Previous Box page or head over to our Instagram @QuestionThinker to see what kind of items you can get!

Save time and £.

Each QTbox you receive has an average saving on items of between 40 - 50% on their retail price compared to if you bought each item individually. For example each of our Premium Plus QTboxes (£40) has items in it with a value of between £70 - £80 with the minimum value never dropping below the £70 mark. You receive a combination of Mindful Life Hack items at a fraction of the price.

Free Delivery on your First Box if you Subscribe Now!

Last Quarters Box.

Elevate how you use time.
Let the journey begin.

Ready, Steady, Pick a Box!

On our buy and subscribe page select to purchase a QTbox that fits you. There's 2 options to select: Premium which is £25 or Premium Plus for £40. You can also subscribe and receive a QTbox every quarter (3 months) when our new box is released. NO TIE-INS! Skip a box or cancel anytime.

Your Box Is Created

Once you've selected your box, you'll receive that quarters box within 1 - 3 working days from when you made your purchase. We put together 4 QTboxes a year which are released at the start of January, April, July and October. If you choose to subscribe, you'll receive that quarters box, and then as soon as our new box is released you'll receive that one too.

It's Time To Save Time and £

If you choose to subscribe, you get each following QTbox as soon as its released which guarantees you'll get one before they sell out for the quarter. All you'll need to do is sit back, relax and get ready to receive a package every 3 months full of time saving life hacks.

Individual Items.
Question Thinker.

Question Thinkers understand the value in asking questions. With every answer there's space for a bigger question. We are QT.

What we stand for.

Clearing the space to Create, Explore, Vibe, Visualise and Thrive. Each of us is powerful, it's time we started realising our potential.

What we do.

We create a box full of amazingness that helps you make life easier in new and inventive ways. All so that you can Make space for the amazing...

The Process.

Fall in love with what you're doing. That's winning.

Time for the Amazing.


Question Thinker Vlog - Episode 1 - Thinkers In Paris

Question Thinker Vlog - Episode 2 - What Is QTbox? Find out more about this quarters Items!

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“Time stays long enough for those who use it."
Leonardo Da Vinci
“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that is why they call it the present."
Kung Fu Panda


“Venture outside your comfort zone. The rewards are worth it."
"They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself."
Andy Warhol
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